Busbar Cutting Punching machine (CNC)

  • Cut, Punch, Chamfer, Emboss (all types of round, square, special holes and slot type) for Copper, Aluminum Busbar, etc.
  • This machine with the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, labor saving, time saving, high processing precision, beautiful and novel appearance
  • The equipment has a unique processing principle and processing method, for long busbar can be realized that clamped once, without manual intervention in the process, automatic repeat switching clamp, can complete punching and shearing for the work piece.
  • Mould base can choose 6 punching+1cutting+1embossing or 8 punching+1cutting of straight column type mould base.
  • Cutting dies is a single pole type hedge Scissor no waste after shearing.
  • Man-machine interface, easy to operate With Noel Machinery processing assistant design system Real-time showing operating state of the program.

Technical Specification

Model JM402K-7C JM602K-8C
Max punching/shearing force 400KN 600KN
Max Processing Size 12 x 160mm 16 x 200mm
Max punching range Dia 4.3-25mm Dia 4.3-35mm
Max molds can be loaded 7 Punching 1 Cutting 8 Punching 1 Cutting
Max Stroke of X-axis 2000mm 2000mm
X axis positioning speed 60m/min 75m/min
Max Stroke of Y-axis 860mm 960mm
Y-axis positioning speed 35m/min 35m/min
Max Stroke of Z-axis 200mm 310mm
Z-axis positioning speed 35m/min 35m/min
Punching accuracy ± 0.2mm ± 0.2mm
Error 0.10/500mm (Accumulation) 0.10/500mm (Accumulation)
Hitting speed 80times/min 180times/min
Overall Dimensions (L*H*W) 10500mm x 2750mm x 1750mm 10500mm x 2900mm x 1800mm
Main motor Juli ABB
Hydraulic pump Taiwan Hydromax Italy Marzocchi
Solenoid valves Taiwan Litand Rexroth
Linear guide rail HIWIN / PMI HIWIN / PMI
Servo system INVT ABB
Industrial computer Taiwan Panel Master (Touch screen) Advantech