CO2 Laser engraving cutting machine

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CO2 Laser cutting machine by Noel Machinery offers a wide variety of cutting options on different types of materials like acrylic, leather, wood, fabric, plastic, etc. with high speed and accuracy. Cutting and engraving through laser is a non-contact process which results in high quality product with a freedom to create complex designs. Some of its well-known applications are in fabric industry, leather industry, shoe industry, acrylic cutting, Pen engraving industry etc. By the means of laser cutting machine you can also engrave the same product at the same time with a little change in power setting. Noel Machinery, being one of the best laser cutting machine manufacturers can provide you with the most feasible solution according to your industry both in terms of machine price and quality.

With various options like working area, work table, power, laser heads etc we can easily customize your machine which suits best for your company.

  • High stability laser tube, high quality lens and mirror, long life-span.
  • Automatic up down table design satisfies the customers need of engraving thick materials.
  • Adopt advanced Ruida control system and easy to operate, international standard laser power supply, USB interface output can support off-line working.
  • Strong software function, compatible with Coreldraw, Autocad and so on.
  • Auto focus system, water pump, air pump and rotary attachment are optional.

CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine is widely used in mould industry, advertising, decoration, arts and crafts, electronic appliances, etc. and It is widely used for engraving & cutting on wood, acrylic, PVC plastic, plexiglass, architectural models, rubber plates, bamboo products and so on.