Fiber laser tube cutting machine

Fiber Laser Sheet with Tube Cutting Machine

  • Laser Power: 1000W- 12000W, Working Area(mm): 1510*3050, 2030*4050, 2500*6050, 2500*8050, etc., Tube Cutting length: 3m/6m
  • Fiber laser cutting machine can not only cut metal plates, but also metal pipes. It has many uses and can save the space of more than 50%, which effectively improves productivity.
  • Since sheet and pipe integrated design, Industry adaptability has been greatly enhanced.
  • Five-axis center finishing, high strength and good rigidity.
  • Higher cutting quality and efficiency, cutting speed are up to 80m/min and beautiful cutting edge.
  • Excellent cutting results on all types of material.
  • Aviation-graded ultra high-pressure aluminum profile gantry, unique internal cavity design with high stability and high strength.
  • Adopt a precision gear rack transmission mode to ensure highly dynamic performance;
  • Multiple intelligent sensor modules greatly improve personnel safety and the effect of equipment protection
  • Integrated design is better for delivery, easy to operate, greatly shorten the testing time
  • Equip large-size, multi-functional display to make operation more convenient
  • Low operating cost and low energy consumption.