Turret Punch Press Machine

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Noel Machinery focuses on high-performance CNC SP servo turret punch press. SP series models SP2025 SP2050 SP2050A SP3050 SPS2050 SPS3050 SP5050

Key Components

  • FANUC CNC system and servo unit for punch machine, full-touch HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Linear guides, ball screw, electrical and pneumatic components are imported brands.
  • High precision thick turret made of HQ600 80mm high strength modular cast iron.
  • Auto-index system with high precision worm and gear drive.
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Grooving function:
Grooving on the back of the sheet plate is achieved through tool rotation, plate difference compensation movement on X / Y axis. Grooving and punching are combined, reducing the outside radius, reducing production process, saving space occupation, saving labor, and having high efficiency.

Smart clamp function:
Intelligently identify and automatically adjust the clamp position according to program, improve automation.

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  • Grooving
  • Smart Clamp
  • Auto-Lubricating Device
  • Flexible Die Lifting Device
Turret Punch Press Machine - Technical Specification